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          VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

          Chutney & Paste
          Instant Mixes
          Desert Mixes
          Fruits & Vegetables
          Frozen Products

          Made under controlled environment and using pure & natural ingredients, we offer a wide range of wet chutney like sweet tomato chutney, sweet mango chutney, spicy tomato chutney and spicy mango chutney. These do not contain any kind of chemical preservative or taste enhancers. The different types of wet chutney we offer are available in variety of retail & commercial packs.

          Tomato Chutney: Sweet Tomato Chutney and Spicy Tomato Chutney.
          Mango Chutney : Sweet Mango Chutney and Spicy Mango Chutney.
          Apple Chutney : Sweet Apple Chutney and Spicy Apple Chutney.
          Apricot Chutney: Sweet Apricot Chutney and Spicy Apricot Chutney.

           Dry Chutneys

          Avail the best variety of dry chutneys. These are made using pure ingredients and our modern facility in combination with traditional culinary knowledge, enables us to manufacture a variety of wet chutneys that have home-made taste.

          Groundnut Chutney
          Idli -Dosa Chutney
          Curry Leaves Chutney
          Jawas Chutney
          Karale Chutney
          Garlic Coconut Chutney

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