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          VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

          EATWELL" is a venture started with a mission to promote the traditional Indian taste across the world. We strive to create the identity of our products with the brand "EATWELL" as inseparable food ingredients for the global cuisine. We are engaged in Manufacture, Export & Supply wide range of delicious food products to satisfy the taste buds of food lovers. We are also exporter of nutritional fresh fruits, seasonal fresh fruits and handpicked fresh fruits

          We VaishVik Foods Pvt.Ltd., are committed to Procure, Process and Sell Healthy, Safe and Quality food products including nutritional fresh fruits, seasonal fresh fruits and handpicked fresh fruits to meet all regulatory standards to the end consumer at the right time and at right price. We select and educate the producers for fresh goods procurement and processing them in 'state-of-the-art' facility that works in compliance with HACCP and BRC standards. We equally emphasis on regular training to enhance the capability of employees, conducting research and development, investing in the innovative technology for the continual improvement in the Standard Operating Procedures.

          In this fast moving world, not many people get the time to cook according to traditional Indian practices. Hence, our motive is to provide them with quick ready to eat products, while still retaining the nutritional value and delicacy associated with fresh food. We endeavor to provide our clients with palatable products, that are hold all the necessary nutrients & are ready / quick to cook & delicious to eat.

          Our Goal

          Our thrust for products improvisation has defined a set of few goals, that we wish to fulfill through available resources, innovation, dedication & hard work. Our goals are:

          To cater to the till now 'taken-for-granted' Indian Diet food lovers with fun-filled products promising a far more delightful experience.
          To emerge as a leader offering innovative and world class products which appeal to the Indian palate and market.
          To launch in India, first-of-its-kind, third generation branded products in both sweet and savory category.
          To offer low fat, high protein and high fiber products with enticing taste and flavors developed with substantial investments in research and technology.
          To operate on a large scale, offering value-for-money products for Indian consumers.


          We make use of modern quality assessment methods & techniques developed for effective quality monitoring of processed foods as per international standards. All the products go through stringent quality assurance tests to monitor & control all aspects of quality. Quality controllers ensure that the food does not contain any harmful chemicals / preservatives that would destroy their nutrition value. We pay attention to maintain the flavor, calorie count, vitamins, nutrients and shelf life of our processed food items.


          Our teams of trained and experienced professionals assist us in achieving our production, delivery and quality targets. The teams that work with us have vast experience in the industry and thorough knowledge of all the involved processes. We work to maintain a healthy working environment and execute timely skills development training programs to improve our teams.

          Research and Development

          We consider R&D as a support to success and therefore, have invested well into extensive research & development activities. Supported by R&D activities, we achieve benefits on a global scale. We have a dedicated R&D unit that is manned by a professional team of R&D associates. Our R&D facility keeps itself abreast with the latest technology and incorporated the required in our processes for overall improvement. With the active contribution of R&D unit, we have grown in our sphere of operation.


          We have a well laid processing unit strategically located on the Bangalore Highway, well within the reach of our distribution channel partners. The production unit is equipped with hi-tech processing plants to ensure that the products that we offer are of premium quality. Moreover, our production facility is designed with assistance of international collaborators and leading consultants. Our unit is well equipped with a massive production capacity of up to 4000 tonnes per annum and confirms to HACCP and ISO standards. Our state-of-the-art quality control, R&D center and in-line packaging facility assists us in ensuring that all our produced products exhibit only "Quality & Taste" and nothing else. Our products are of premium taste and have longer shelf life, owing to the latest & hi-tech technology used.

          Storage Facility

          A well maintained storage facility to store our range of processed food items properly. The advanced cold storage facility installed helps us to keep the food products under completely controlled hygienic condition and in best state. The dry variety of processed foods are stored in a cool dry place for good shelf life. Our frozen food products do not contain any synthetic color and preservatives that will deteriorate their nutritional value.

          Why Us?

          Introducing capital intensive state-of-the-art technology, for the first time in India

          Introducing capital intensive state-of-the-art technology, for the first time in India
          Equipped with State-of-the-art and hygienic manufacturing facilities backed by strict quality control and R&D facilities ( raw material to finished product ) to meet HACCP and ISO standards
          We have technical collaboration with leading Indian Companies
          Offering unique and wide range of innovative products, first time in India
          Providing attractive, safe and classy packaging solution
          Manufacturing process, recipe and flavor management, controlled by sophisticated, computerized systems
          Healthy products with rich taste and value for money
          Our versatility to process & produce numerous products to compete against present and future entrants

          Copyright ?2007 VaishVik Foods Pvt.Ltd. Design & Developed by Innovativedigits
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