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          VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

          All our products are prepared in-house in a properitery method. They are fresh, healthy & offer original Indian Taste. At VaishVik Foods Pvt.Ltd, we are engaged in Manufacture, Export & Supply wide range of delicious products to satisfy the taste buds of food lovers.

          Chutney & Paste
          Instant Mixes
          Desert Mixes
          Fruits & Vegetables
          Frozen Products
           Fresh Fruits

          We are a leading supplier of fresh fruits from India. Our wide range of handpicked fresh fruits is supplied at cost effective prices. We offer a wide variety of seasonal fruits from Indian farmers. Procured from company maintained orchards, these fruits are protected with the use of natural germicides & pesticides. We assure that our products are chemical and pesticide free and healthy.

           Canned Vegetables

          We are a leading trader of fresh vegetables from India. A wide assortment of naturally mature and handpicked fresh vegetables are supplied by us. We procure them from our company maintained farm yards and ensure that these are protected from pests and other infection with the use of natural germicides & pesticides. We assure that our fresh vegetables are chemical and pesticide free, fresh and healthy.

          Bottle Gourd
          Bitter Gourd
          Snake Gourd
          French Beans


          Avail the best range of Indian cereals from us. These are procured from strategic cultivation zones and are processed with attention to nutritional value, shelf life and hygiene. Cost effective and best value for money is our range of cereals.

          Basmati Rice

          Indian Blackberry (Jamun)
          Indian Blackberry (Jamun)
          Jam (Sugar-free)
          Indian Black Berry fruit
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