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          VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

          All our products are prepared in-house in a properitery method. They are fresh, healthy & offer original Indian Taste. At VaishVik Foods Pvt.Ltd, we are engaged in Manufacture, Export & Supply wide range of delicious products to satisfy the taste buds of food lovers.

          Chutney & Paste
          Instant Mixes
          Desert Mixes
          Fruits & Vegetables
          Frozen Products
           Desert Mixes

          Cook the best Indian desserts in a jiffy. We offer a wide variety of instant mixes for Indian deserts. One will never go wrong with the recipe as you just need to open a pack, mix and make. These are available in assortment of delectable varieties.

          Gulab Jamun
          Gajar Halwa
          Dudhi Halwa
          Beet Halwa
          Vermicelli Kheer
          Rice Kheer/ Payassam
          Shir Kurma Jalebi

          Instant GulabJamun Mix Instant Beet Halva Mix Instant Gajar Halva Mix
          Instant Shirkurma Mix Instant Dudhi Halva Mix  
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