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          VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

          All our products are prepared in-house in a properitery method. They are fresh, healthy & offer original Indian Taste. At VaishVik Foods Pvt.Ltd, we are engaged in Manufacture, Export & Supply wide range of delicious products to satisfy the taste buds of food lovers.

          Chutney & Paste
          Instant Mixes
          Desert Mixes
          Fruits & Vegetables
          Frozen Products
           Instant Mixes

          Our range of instant mixes are making cooking convenient. These are ready to cook instant mixes that need to mixed and cooked for the most ideal recipe. The variety of instant mixes we offer are very popular in hotels, canteens, restaurants and also in households.

          Rice Idli
          Rava Idli
          Methi Idli
          Khaman Dhokla
          Khatta Dhokla
          Thalipeeth Bhajani
          Upwas Bhajani
          Upma Moong
          Dosa Ragi
          Dosa Medu
          Wada Mix
          Dahi Wada
          Mix Appe/ Appam

          Instant Rice Idli Mix Instant Khaman Dhokla Mix Khamang Thalipeeth Bhajani
          Instant Rava Idli Mix Instant Methi Idli Mix Instant Dosa / Uttappa Mix
          Upawas Bhajani.    
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